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Structure of the Ministry of Industry

Minister – P. Utiupin
Assistant Minister
First Deputy Minister – G. Svidersky           Deputy Minister – A. Ogorodnikov

Department for Machine Building and Metallurgy


Department for Agricultural Machine Building


Department for Property Relations


Department for Economics and Finance


Department of Labor and Social Policy

Deputy Minister –D. Korchik           Deputy Minister - S. Gynko

Chief Department for Foreign Economic Relations


Department for Investments and Energy Resources


Division for Quality and Service

      – Department for Scientific and Technical Policy
      Radio Electronic, Electrotechnical, Optical-Mechanical and Instrument Making Industry
Department for Accounting and Methodology           Legal Sector
Department for Informatization, Control and Organizational Support           Industrial and Information Security Sector
Department for Human Resources      

Press secretary: Padaliak Uladzimir

tel.: 330-04-99